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Replica IWC Pilot's Bi-Axial TourbillonReplica IWC Pilot gained the most attention with an exquisite limited edition of a new Bi-Axial Tourbillon. The hand-winding mechanism of the tourbillon is built on a high-end architecture based on concentric cages. This allows the regulating portion to perform multidimensional rotations to compensate for rate irregularities caused by Earth's gravitation. The internal cage, which contains a balance wheel and a balance spring as well as an escapement, completes the rotation of its axis within 45 seconds. The external cage, which rotates on the second axis,Replica IWC Pilot completes its full rotation in just one minute and 15 seconds. The mechanical perfection of this case ensures a spectacular spectacle from both sides. Two cages, made up of 113 parts, weigh only 0.80 grams.

The Bi-Axial tourbillon from Replica IWC Pilot features a titanium case in black DLC and bridges made of brushed white 18-karat gold. This is a much more impressive design than the previous two models, which were red and white-gold with red-gold bridges. The stunning contrasts of this "all-in-black" model, as well as the elegant and avant-garde design, both speak to the high-end craftsmanship of GP's artisans. The dial has a circular grain texture which matches the brushed finish of the bridges, and two barrels. This provides 72 hours power reserve. The case is 45 mm in diameter and covered on both sides with sapphire. The sapphire glass is attached to the case with six screws. The piece is limited to only 8 pieces. For most visitors, this was an opportunity they would never forget.

Audemars Pigut is celebrating 40 years of the Royal Oak.Richard Mille Replica Watches The famous watchmaker created several Royal Oak Grande Complication special timepieces to celebrate this occasion. AP also presented a stunning Classique Grand Complication Pocket Watch, which is one of the most beautiful pocket watches I've ever seen.

A 52mm half hunter case, made of 18 karat rose gold, is the epitome of mechanical perfection. Calibre 2860, a hand-winding movement that took about 800 hours to assemble its 620 components. Each component was hand-adjusted. When the caseback is opened, this high-end movement can be seen through a sapphire-crystal hunter style. This watch has a lot of complications including a moon phase indicator and minute repeater on both gongs. The calendar includes the date, month, and day. It also has a leap-year. This great pocket watch also features split and minute seconds counters.

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