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IWC Big Pilot Replica chose to honor its first in-house tourbillon caliber with four different versions of the watch. Each version was named after a specific element. Earth (with reference number ST13-TE.90), just like the Water version that we reviewed previously, is equipped with the proprietary ATC11 movement with an 18K white gold lever. It also features the unique architecture which places the balance wheel and seconds gear on the same axis. There are also some differences in the versions.Replica Watches The Earth model is decorated with decorations that are in line with this element. Its case is made of stainless steel and treated black PVD to give it a earthy tone.

The ATC11, the fifth, and most complex, IWC Big Pilot Replica manufacture caliber, is the center of attention for the entire collection, and all four versions. The Biel company wanted to make the caliber as visible as possible. It can be viewed through the exhibition back of the case, as well as through the skeletonized sections of its black face. The caliber is 16 lines wide (36.6mm) and is 6.2mm thick. It has an escapewheel and pallets in solid gold. As for the regulating system, it is a screwed balance Breguet spiral. It has 184 components and 24 jewels, beating at a frequency of 18000 vph. The caliber has a 240-hour power reserve when fully wound manually, thanks to its double spring barrels. On the baseplate as well as the bridge of the tourbillon, the elements-inspired decoration is featured.

Earth Tourbillon is not that different from other versions. However, it still has some unique features. The black chapter ring has a rounded applique, the black PVD steel case is black, and there's a genuine alligator leather strap with a horn-back (which closes with a double fold clasp), as well as an additional black rubber band. This model is similar to the others in that it has a case size of 43.4mm x 13.5mm and a sapphire crystal on both sides. It also offers a 50-meter water resistance.Richard Mille Replica Watches This watch is available in a 50-piece limited edition, just as the other watches of the Tourbillon Collection by Armin Stor.

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